Toronto Aesthetics and Hair Academy
Toronto Aesthetics and Hair Academy
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skin care at Beauty School Toronto
Skincare (Certificate Program)
    Students will be exposed to Skin Care methods and procedures. The program allows our students to become well trained with facial techniques. You will be educated about skin care products and the importance of skin maintenance. This engaging course will effectively prepare the student to perform skin care treatments.
  • Skin Care Training Beauty School Toronto
    Our highly trained staff leads you through an informative session in skin care. We provide you with knowledge for correctly administering facial services.
    Skin Care Product Knowledge
    Knowledge of Skin Types
    Knowledge of Skin Conditions
    Cleansing Techniques
    Exfoliation Techniques
    Comedone Removal
    Masking Techniques
    Facial Protocols
    Facial Massage Techniques

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Non Vocational Program

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